100 word challenge

It would be amazing to have everything I could see; there would be loads of things to choose from. If we would have a chance, we would choose to be rich, live in a mansion, have like 10 racing cars and take advantage of everything.

Most people who are less fortunate would love these opportunities in the real world. But if  this was the case everyone would become greedy and selfish. Sometimes we see things that we want but really we don’t actually need it.

I am in California and I am living in my dreams. I really it in la because the whether is really hot and really fun.



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All I Could See

I imagined to have all that I could see then a week ago, appeared a magic portal and took me to a special shop with a thousand toys  inside. It was huge shop. When I walked in I saw my favourite thing: a PlayStation 4 and also a Segway which is electric and drives you places you have to balance. I would love to buy everything in the shop, I also would go back home and play with them all. When I walked through a different way I saw the most amazing thing ever; it was an Xbox one and an Xbox 360. I loved it.

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100 word challange

I imagined what it would be like to have all I could see. All I could see was the gloomy darkness surrounding me. I did not know where I was, however, I knew that I wasn’t safe at all. Suddenly, I heard a booming scream echoing around the damp, cold room. There was another person trapped as well. Were they being tortured as well?

Suddenly, I began to scream wildly. At that moment, I realised I was in my lovely bedroom. Was it a nightmare?  Yes. it was a terrible nightmare, which felt so realistic I thought it was real.

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Why story telling week is important!

Reading books is a hobbie for some people and they really enjoy it;others can’t read and do not understand the point of it. In this text we will cover all of the following: why you read books; how you read books and we will also tell you about technical vocabulary (hard words/long words) in English.

Firstly, you will need to understand the real reason for reading. The whole reason of reading is if you want to fulfill your dreams, you will have to read paper work/contracts and to do this you will have to be able to read .

This part is for early readers. If you have just started reading, you should start with picture books. This will not only boost your reading but it will expand your imagination. When you feel like you can do it, you could start reading books that have writing explaining what is going on on the story. This will build up vocabulary and if you keep practising, you could then go onto harder books (higher book bands).

Did you know, technical vocabulary is no different than normal vocabulary – it is just bigger and harder to understand but once you know it, you won’t forget it. Technical vocabulary are words like: muscles; protein and carbohydrates. See, it’s not so hard. When you try why don’t you ask a parent or carer to test you? If you say a word and write it down ask a person to tell you the correct spelling for it. If you get it wrong, you could write it down three times and then you will remember the word for next time.

These are the reasons why National Story Telling week is important. we will always have to read texts. Everywhere we look there are words and we need to be able to understand them in order to work in society.










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How to keep fit! 🏃🏼

Many people say that, keeping fit is really important. Therefore, you will be able to live a healthy lifestyle. Keeping fit is very easy for a lot of people; others find it difficult. In this text, we will explain how to keep fit. After one or two months you will see the changes in your body.

Unsurprisingly, many people go to the gym to exercise. This is because, they have specialist equipment, which is really cheap to use. As a result, it is a great way to keep fit and healthy. If you follow this you never know, when you get older and fitter you could be in the Olympics!

It is no wonder that many people in Africa are really fit beacuse every day, they have to walk miles just for a small amount of dirty water. This proves that walking a couple of miles every week you will become a lot more fit. Also, doing a daily run for a few minutes will help you become more fit and healthy if you don’t want to run a mile.

Did you know another way is yoga for half an hour In the morning as it stretch your muscles? Consequently, exercising will be easier for you and more enjoyable. Therefore, you are more likely to want the keep fit. Surprisingly, many people this yoga is really hard ; others find it very easy and relaxing. Amazingly, yoga is great fun because it is free and you can do it for as long as you want!

Unbelievably, you don’t just have to exercise as there are lots of healthy food you can try such as : salad, fruit, vegetables and most importantly drink lots of water to keep hydrated. As a result, staying healthy will be as easy as you can eat tasty food which are also really healthy for you. Also you can still eat little bits of cake but as treat but don’t eat to much, or you will become unfit and unhealthy again.

By reading this text, you will now know a majority of ways to keep fit easily. I hope you enjoyed reading this and hope you follow it. Many people have followed this and now have great results in their body! We hope you enjoyed this text.

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The Christmas Nightmare


It all happened the night before Christmas. Lucy Marie, a girl aged eleven, was lying in her bed wide awake unable to move. She felt like screaming with joy because she new what would happen the next night. Filled with joy, she would run downstairs and see all the presents perfectly wrapped waiting for her to tear them all. Also, she would be able to smell her mams delicious Christmas dinner making her mouth water. She smiled to herself.

Suddenly, she heard a bang… and a crack. Confused, she slid out off bed and slipped on her cosy slippers and slowly sneaked down the creaky stairs. She could hear the unusual noise getting louder and closer.She gulped.

” Hello is anybody here?” Lucy whispered, slowly opening the living room door. As she peeked inside the room, she realised nobody was there.

” Hello is anybody there?” she repeated, hoping for a reply.

Seconds later, she felt something clutch her ankle. Terrified of what was grabbing her, she tryed to kick and wriggle her foot out of the beast’s sweaty, bony hands.

” Let me go!” wailed Lucy with fear.

” No, you will be perfect!” roared the unseen monster. Suddenly, she was dragged outside and into all hole, which she had never seen before. Unable to save herself, Lucy was dragged down the hole, while unseen beast gave out a evil scream.

Suddenly, she saw who was dragging her… it was an elf. however, this was not a normal elf… it was Evil Eddie Elf!

“WHAT ON EARTH ARE YOU DOING! ” bellowed Lucy, trying to show no fear of him.

to be continued…


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Tyrannosaurus Rex

Tyrannosaurus Rex


Interestingly, a tyrannosaurus rex ( also known as a T-rex ) is one of the most savage dinosaurs  know to this day. Therefore, this the T-rex is one of the most popular/loved dinosaurs in history. Unsurprisingly , the T-rex , which means king, lizard and tyrant in Latin, is known for its attacking and defence skills. However, it is also known for its height and because it is fearless.

Amazingly, this undefeatable beast was a huge meat-eating monster and would eat anything that try’s to get in its way. As a result of this, a T-rex is called a carnivore as it only eats meat and other dinosaurs. Fascinating,  this monster sometimes eats animals alive if they are huge like a brachiosaurus. This is because, many dinosaurs like brachiosaurs’ are peaceful animals and do not eat meat. Therefore, that made them an easy prey for a Tyrannosaurus to attack.

Interestingly, a T-rex( which is a theropod ) had over sixty thick, strong teeth made for bone-crunching as they were 9 inch’s long. Also, they had razor sharp claws which were slightly curved at the tip.



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Active and Passive Voice

Here are two sentences. They both give the same information however one is said in the active voice and one is in the passive voice.

The boy played with the ball.

The ball was played with by the boy.

The first sentence is active because the subject of the sentence is completing the action. The second sentence is passive because the object is being acted on by the ball.

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Discovery Museum

Trip to the Discovery Museum

When we went to the museum, we saw lots of cool things. We tried to go to the water place, but it was closed. Looking around the science maze, we played on games and saw things we had never seen before. Exited because of the displays, we played on everything and read everything. Some people loved it because they didn’t have to do any work at school. We came across a soldier place; there was warships, soldiers, weapons, and armour. While we were walking out to see something else, we spotted a dress up place. We took photos, on all of our experiences, even the dress up part. Walking around, we saw a machine, which turns a coin into a picture. We picked a picture, and miss pace put a pound and a penny into the machine. Swiftly, We turned the wheel. The machine squashed the penny, and printed a picture onto it. After dinner, we were taken to a classroom. The whole of year 6w were in there. The class was given 1 sheet of paper each. The paper had things what was used in ww2, and we had to guess what the items were. When we had went into a big room, we played on a game called cargo sorting. You had to pull the ropes to move a sand bag from 1 basket to another. Our experience at the museum was awesome!

Daniel Lee

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Blood House

It all began when I was in my bed look at the roof and the lamp went off the bedroom was pitch black. I ran out of my bedroom and opened the door of my mam and dad’s bedroom. They weren’t there. They were gone. I ran down stairs and there they were lying dead on the floor with blood coming out of them. It was so scary. I ran back upstairs and hid under the covers and I felt something with claws  rolling down me. A shiver ran up my spin. I felt something or someone breathing on me. It was frightening. It was scary. It stopped.                                           THE END

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